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Trailer Cages

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Trailer Cages


SA Trailers offers a wide range of Trailer Cages.
We can custom build any size Trailer Cages to suit your individual needs.
Contact us or call us on 0412 836 296.

Why Chose SA Trailers

Why are our trailers more expensive? Simple, they’re built to last!

We have been hiring out trailers for many years now and used to out source our trailers from cheaper local suppliers.
We quickly learnt that the “cheaper trailers” quickly become expensive trailers.

What were we finding?

We were finding that the cheaper axles weren’t machined or assembled with the precision that the more expensive axles had. This would cause constant bearing play on the axle, ultimately leading to early bearing failure.

We only use quality Japanese bearings on our trailers as we have tested and proven that they are more reliable than cheaper Chinese bearings.
Cheaper trailers often come with cheaper bearings so make sure you are getting Japanese bearings on your trailer.

We have seen some shocking hubs being used by cheaper trailer manufacturers. These poorly cast hubs, often out of India, look the part, but wear out quickly causing the bearing races to spin. Make sure your trailer is being assembled with quality hubs and grease.

Believe it or not, couplings play a big part on how well a trailer tows. We know from hiring trailers that a good quality coupling will last longer and give a better overall towing experience. Cheaper couplings wear out a lot quicker and can cause play in the coupling after only a few weeks use.

Brakes were a major issue when we were buying cheaper trailers for the hire fleet. They were constantly going out of adjustment and causing hundreds of dollars damage to the hubs and brake pads. We recommend paying a bit extra for quality trailer brakes.

We allocate more time to ensuring your trailer not only looks the part, but that it is assembled correctly too.
Our qualified tradesman quality check every step along the way, making sure we are handing over a quality trailer.
We take the time to get the little things right like making sure the paint has no runs, soldering all the wiring and ensuring the bearings and brakes are adjusted.
These finer touches reduce warranty issues which means your trailer is out performing as it should, saving you time and money in the long run.

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